About us

Deal Banana is a project of Flawless Shopping BV in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Because of our experience and expertise with internet, logistics and customer support, we can ensure a high service and delivery quality and make lots of people happy with our products and service!

Phantom invoices, (love) letters and banana candy can be sent to:

Deal Banana / Flawless Shopping BV
Flight Forum 40, 
5657DB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Mail: support@dealbanana.com
+31 (0) 8 5888 5028

Dutch Chambre of Commerce: 64322637
VAT: NL855615047B01


In case you have any questions about our products, your order, payment or maybe your warranty, please use the contact form below. Please let us know if you would like to return any products, so that we can send you the instructions to do so.

We value your question and we aim to answer all questions within two working days. 

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Q:How can I track my order?

A:You can login to our website with the login details in your order mail. In your order mail you will also find a tracking URL for your order which leads to your personal order information page. On this page, you can check the status of your order and track the shipment progress of your order. 

Q:I cannot see any tracking information yet, what's wrong?

A:If you cannot see any tracking information about your order yet, it is likely that your order has not been registered by the sender yet. It usually takes not more than 48 hours on working days after you received our order confirmation. After this time, you will be able to track your order online. 

Q:My package arrived damaged or opened, what should I do? 

A:If your package is delivered in an incomplete, opened or damaged state, please refuse it at the door. If you do accept it, the delivery company is no longer responsible for the package, regardless of what went wrong during the shipment. 
That's why it is important that you return the product to the mailman right away, after which we will definitely send a new product to you! Please notify our customer support in case this happens. 

Q:My payment succeeded, but this has not been processed/received yet. What happens now?

A:Sometimes it take a little bit of time before payments are processed. This sucks, but the good news is, that this problem can easily be solved! Send an email to our customer support mentioning the order number and payment method, and our customer support will look it up for you and make sure your package can be shipped soon. 

Q: How can I get a VAT invoice? 

A:Some (business) customers would like to receive a VAT invoice, because they want to apply for a VAT return. The seller of the products is in this case the actual seller (which is not Deal Banana) and this is the party that will charge the VAT. 
This is why, in case VAT applies, the actual seller will provide an invoice.

Deal Banana is not able to charge VAT or to create an invoice for customers concerning a product for which Deal Banana is not to selling party. Deal Banana merely offers a service which allows you to buy products on our website. This is why the selling company is the party creating and sending the invoice. Deal Banana can provide a payment overview, but this is not an invoice.

Returning products

Defect products or incomplete package.

A defect, incomplete or damaged product can be returned within 14 days. In case you receive a product in an incomplete, opened or damaged manner, please do not accept it at the door. In both cases, please notify our customer support. To contact our customer support, fill out the contact form on the right side of this page, or send an email to: support@dealbanana.com.

Unsatisfied with your product.

It can always occur that you are unsatisfied with the product you have received. Or maybe you have received a wrong color or product edition, like for example an incorrect size or color. In this case, you can also return the product. Please note that not all products can be accepted after usage. These products are part of certain product categories and are noted on the bottom of the page. 

Return procedure:

1. Notify the problem to our service desk.
2. You will receive a confirmation by email with instructions on how to return your product. 
3. After receiving the package we will exchange the product or refund the money (maximum 14 days after receiving the product) 

Please note:

In case you do not fill out the reason for return sufficiently or not at all, we will assume that the damage was caused by your own usage and this means that we are not able to send a replacement or refund the money. 

You are responsible for paying the costs of the return of your product by yourself. We only refund the money for a returned product in case the product was damaged or defect.

The following products cannot be accepted after usage:
De volgende retour producten worden niet meer door ons in ontvangst genomen na gebruik:

Products that are not suitable for hygienical reasons or heath reasons: 
Underwear, lingerie, swimwear, skin care products, makeup and jewelry for intimate parts of the body.


Q:When will I get a reply from the Service desk?

A: Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For the fastest way to contact us, drop us a message via the chat box near the bottom right corner of every site-page - We reply in less than 3 minutes!

Alternatively, you can email us at support@dealbanana.com - All emails are processed in order of their arrival time, thus ensuring everyone always gets a quick and fair response.

Q:What are the possible payment methods?

A: Currently, it is possible to pay your order with credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), Mister Cash or bank transfer. So everyone is given the opportunity to use the payment method he or she is accustomed to.

Q:What are the rules of the Deal Banana Facebook page?

A: We find it important to give our members the greatest possible freedom on our page. That means you can always leave your opinion related to us and to start a discussion with Bert or the other visitors, both in positive and negative ways. We only intervene if it affects the atmosphere; let's keep it nice for everyone. Therefore it is not allowed to:

- Abuse, offend or vilify us or other members
- post the same message several times or something with the same spam result
-publicly share personal details
- post links or references to competitors or business places
- go off topic with any of the subject off neighborhoods ("off-topic" to go) that for other members is not fun anymore
- to conduct personal interviews (or "slow chat") that do not belong on a public page

If we notice that someone is violating these rules, we hide or delete the comment. When multiple abuse, we can decide to block them, but we would rather not. Ultimately our goal for all members to maintain a fun, welcoming page!